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Our team of friendly and qualified staff at Family Dental Health Edmonton look forward to providing professional dental care to all of our patients. From individuals working in the area, to long time Rabbhit Hill residents, we will make sure you have a healthy and happy smile!


Family Dental Health Edmonton In Rabbit Hill

When you book an appointment at Family Dental Health Edmonton, you’ll see one of our dentists, Dr. Harp or Dr. Dana. They’ve been serving Whitecourt and the surrounding areas for 11 years.

Dr. Harp graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s dentistry program in 2002. Dr. Dana graduated from Dalhousie University’s dental program in 2001. Since then, they have continued their education by taking courses and attending conferences in order to keep up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry.

Dr. Harp and Dr. Dana live just outside of Whitecourt with their four children. They are proud to be supported by a trained, certified staff at Family Dental Health.

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Dr. Dana

Head Dentist

Dr. Dana

Dr. Elena Daniela Buduroi

Dr. Dana graduated from Dalhousie University’s dental program in 2001. Since then, she has continued her education by taking courses and attending conferences in order to keep up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry.

In Dr. Dana’s daughters words….”So, my mom is a…well…is a dentist. I really don’t know how she manages to wake up early in the morning, make breakfast, help me and my brother with our homework, go to work, come home, cook supper, play a game with me and my brother, cross-stitch, read in bed, sleep, then repeat. And she somehow manages to make sure that my brother and I brush our teeth properly in the whole mix. She tells us that if we don’t properly brush our teeth we’ll have dentures by the time we’re twenty. I could say that she is the “root” of our good dental hygiene. She’s an amazing dentist and a wonderful mom.”

Dr. Harp

Dr. Harpreet Singh Rakhra

Dr. Harp graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s dentistry program in 2002.

In Dr. Harps daughters words…”My dad is an equally brilliant dentist. He wakes up early like my mom, goes to work at 8:00 in the morning, comes back at 4:00 P.M. and still manages to play a million games with me. In summer after he comes home from work we always go outside to play a game of cricket or baseball with me and my three siblings (which I always win.) In the winter, we always play a round of kid-friendly darts and no-stakes Texas hold-em (which I never win.) He’s an awesome dentist and even better dad. Together, my parents have inspired me and my siblings to become dentists. One might say the dream has become “implanted” in our brains.”

FDH Rabbit Hill - Dr. Harp
Dr. Harp

Head Dentist

Dr. Park

General Dentist

DR. Park

Dr. Jihwan Park

Dr. Park grew up in Sherwood Park before moving to Ontario to complete his undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Medical Sciences Specializing in Microbiology and Immunology.

He worked for the government at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre for the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa for two years. After, he has completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Alberta. He believes in patient-centered care ensuring the best treatments and plans personalized to your needs.

He is passionate working with infants, children and teenagers, taking the time developing trust essential between him and the younger patients. His main interest is in promoting access to care, oral health and preventative dental care to the youth. As a part of this belief, Dr. Park was actively involved in the SHINE Dentistry, a student-led organization providing dental and dental hygiene care for children and underserved communities of Edmonton. He also participated with Kindness In Action bringing dental care and education to Chisec, Guatemala.

He is looking forward to volunteering to bring dental care to the youth both locally and globally. “I love chatting with my patients and taking time to get to know them as much as I enjoy practicing dentistry. My goal is not to treat the cavities but to treat the patient based on their personal needs. I am also very passionate about working with infants and children. To me, coming to the dental office should be just like going to see the family doctor – it should be a place of safety and trust. I understand building that level of relationship takes time, especially with the younger patients. I will strive to provide you, and the ones you care for, the time, effort and best treatments necessary to develop that faith. I will be honest with you with any questions you have, so feel free to ask away!”

DR. Nanda

Dr. Nisha Nanda

Hi! I am Nisha Nanda. I grew up in Punjab, India. I graduated from a dental school in Mohali. After finishing dental school, I got married and came to Canada in 2009. I had my first daughter in 2010 and when she was a year old, I started my dental studies to upgrade here in Canada and I graduated in 2016 from University of Alberta. I have a loving husband and two daughters! I love to cook for my family, play with my kids and going on walks with them. I love to meditate and connect myself with the highest power!! Dentistry is not a rocket science but it’s truly an art! Somedays your art is mesmerizing and somedays your brushes could stumble but there is a solution to every problem and the problems that don’t have solutions are not even real problems!! I enjoy every aspect of dentistry with the surgeries being my most favourite part. I like to replace the teeth with dentures where bridges and implants are not a good fit. Creating a smile on a face with replacement of missing teeth really creates a smile on my face as well! I love to treat children,I can relate to them very easily since I’m a mother too. I enjoy what I do and I value my patients! I welcome you at Family Dental Health!

Dr. Nanda

General Dentist

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