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FDH Rabbit Hill Offers Emergency Dental Services. Contact Us Now and We Wil Do Our Best to Help You!

FDH Rabbit Hill Offers Emergency Dental Services. Contact Us Now and We Wil Do Our Best to Help You!

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Emergency Dentist in Edmonton

No matter how hard we try, accidents happen by their very definition. Just like all injuries, most dental injuries are preventable with the right precautions in place, but despite our best efforts accidents still happen. What’s important is that we know what to do when a dental injury occurs and that Family Dental Health Edmonton has the right resources on hand to help us deal with problems when they arise. If you need an emergency dentist in Edmonton, give us a call!

Staying Prepared

For injuries of all kinds, it’s important to keep a first aid kit nearby in case it’s needed. First aid kits are available for purchase at your local pharmacy, or you can build your own kit using supplies you have on hand. It is a good idea to keep a kit with you in your vehicle in case of emergency. Your first aid kit should contain a minimum of:

• Sterile gloves
• Tweezers
• Bandages (various sizes)
• Gauze (rolls and squares)
• Antiseptic
• Antihistamines
• Distilled water

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Head Injuries

Accidents that result in trauma to the face and mouth often also result in a head injury. In situations where there has been a car accident or other traumatic injury, it is important to assess whether there has been a head injury in order to prioritize it above dental injuries. Similarly, if you have had a dental emergency in Edmonton and think there is a chance that your jaw could be broken, head to your nearest emergency hospital center. These injuries can be serious and must be attended to before prioritizing injuries to the teeth. If you have sustained a blow to the face that has not destabilized your teeth but that has resulted in cuts to the mouth requiring stitches, a medical center may be able to place stitches if you are not able to find a dentist nearby.

Knocked out, Loose or Broken Teeth

If you have taken a blow to the mouth and your teeth are loose or broken as a result, this is a dental emergency that must be seen by an emergency dentist. Knocked out teeth have the best chance of being saved if a dentist intervenes within 30 minutes of the incident occurring. If you have broken one or more teeth, your dentist may be able to restore the teeth using a white filling compound to adhere the broken portions back onto the natural teeth. Because of this, it is important to collect any tooth fragments to bring with your emergency Edmonton dentist.

Begin by collecting the tooth or tooth fragments and proceed to rinse the mouth with clean water before inserting a roll of gauze on the area producing blood. Bite down gently to hold it in place and change it when it becomes saturated. If there is no bleeding, proceed to rinsing the tooth or tooth fragments in clean water (be careful not to lose them down the drain). If there is debris stuck to the tooth that is not easily rinsed away with water, do not try to pull or scrape it off. This could be an important part of the ligament required to save your tooth – so handle it carefully by its enamel and never by the root. Tuck the tooth or tooth fragments down in your cheek pocket and keep the mouth closed to avoid any risk of swallowing en route to your dentist’s office.

If your tooth has been hit hard enough to make it unstable but not hard enough to knock it out, keep the tooth in place and gently close the jaw to stabilize it. If possible, have someone call our Edmonton emergency dentist office for you on the way.

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Tooth Infections

Tooth infections are a serious matter and must be treated urgently – the degree of the pain associated with a dental infection is unlikely to leave you questioning this. If you’ve tried Tylenol or Advil for the pain and you are still in serious discomfort, it’s likely that you have an infection.

If you see a pustule forming on your gums, this is an indication that pus is building up as a result of the infection. Do not attempt to drain the pustule, but if it ruptures on its own you can rinse your mouth with clean water. Other signs of infection are fever, swelling around one area of the mouth, a persistent bad taste in the mouth or difficulty opening and closing the jaw without pain.

Our Edmonton dentist will make every effort to see you on the same day, but if for some reason this is not possible you should see another dentist who can treat the infection as soon as possible.

For questions about this or other services offered by our Edmonton general dentist, contact Family Dental Health Edmonton today.

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