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Some people find themselves at a family dental clinic because they felt their experience with other dentists was too transactional, or that their concerns weren’t being heard. Pressure to rush appointments doesn’t do anything to ease the anxiety of a patient facing a dental procedure. Who better to ease your anxiety than a dentist whose practice involves working with young children every day?

What is the Difference?

You might be wondering what the real differences are between a conventional dentist and a family dental practice. The truth is, all dentists in Alberta possess the education and skill to safely treat any member of your family. The difference in family dental practices is found in the soft skills portion of their practice. The bedside manner, the philosophy and the approach of a family dental practice is where the majority of the benefits to families are seen – but there are still some real tangible benefits.

Benefits to Families

A family dental practice has organized their business model to offer quality care to any member of your family, regardless of age. This means that they go the extra mile to offer extras that families appreciate. Take, for example, the opportunity to book group appointments.

Family dental visits may not seem difficult to accommodate at first glance, but a family dentist understands that organizing and attending a separate appointment day for each member of the family can be a daunting task when you consider how busy families are to begin with. Getting everyone off to school in the morning, working all day and running your little ones to and from sports and other extracurricular activities in the evenings doesn’t leave a lot of time for added appointments.

Your dentist wants to make routine appointments easy to access for their families, and they do so by offering group appointments and extended hours. Group appointments can be made in advance and allow each member of the family to be seen the same day – cutting down on scheduling complexity and ensuring that everyone prioritizes their oral health. We also believe in group appointments because it does a great job of helping children feel safe at the dentist. When young children attend the dentist with their older siblings, it offers them a feeling of being part of an exciting new experience. When they get their turn to try out the big chair they will feel like the big shots in town.

We also offer early morning and evening appointments to maximizes the opportunities available for our clients to attend dental appointments without missing work or other responsibilities unnecessarily.

FDH Rabbit Hill Dental’s support staff make it a priority for patients to experience a smooth administrative process and a pleasant chair-side experience.
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Each operatory is equipped with digital radiography. You can also watch your favorite Netflix program while having your procedure done!
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Experience the Difference

Family dental practices offer the kind of benefits you need to experience to understand. We hand select our dental staff and pay particular attention to which candidates show a dedication to customer service that goes above and beyond. Our staff loves dealing with children and goes the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and safe in our clinic.

We believe in building trust with each member of your family so that we can effectively support their oral health needs throughout childhood and beyond. That’s why we don’t rush children through their visits. We ensure that there is enough time to take it slow, let kids check the place out and ask questions about what we are doing when we look inside their mouths. Sometimes that takes one minute and sometimes it takes ten – the important part is that we don’t induce any fear in little ones. Their experience should be one that is calm, fun and that makes them feel like the star of the show. We look at our partnership with your family as being one that will last for years to come, so if your family members need a visit or two to get comfortable enough to proceed with a checkup and cleaning we think that’s time well invested.

Parents of children with special needs will find our staff patient, kind and flexible to the needs of your child. We know that parents are the experts where their children are concerned – so we look to you to provide information about how to make your child’s appointment a successful one. Whether we can dim the lights, minimize the number of people in the clinical area or offer an X-ray vest as a calming version of a weighted blanket, we are ready to work with you to provide the best experience we can for you and your children.

We consider ourselves privileged to be part of the team of professionals that you trust to care for the health and wellbeing of your family. If you are thinking about whether a family dentist is right for you, consider contacting us to schedule a clinic walkthrough and meet and greet. We look forward to serving you!

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